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FPX 564 Super Saver Gas Fireplace with custom built shelves, custom stonework and barn beam mantel (We Also Hung The T.V.-We Do It All)
FPX 44 Elite Wood Burning Fireplace with Custom Bookshelves, Stonework, Mantel and Granite
FPX 564 High Output Gas Fireplace with custom stonework, mantel, and shelves. The shelves were built with a removable panel to hide a water meter that was sticking out of the wall.
Real Fyre Gas Logs, Custom Doors and Barn Beam Mantel with Custom Olive Grove Bluff Stonework
FPX 36 Elite Wood Burning Fireplace with Barn Beam Mantel and Willow Shadowrock Stonework
FPX 564 Super Saver with Custom Bookshelves, Stonework and Mantel (We Also Hung The T.V.-We Do It All)
FPX 864 High Output Gas Fireplace with Custom Bookshelves, Pearl Princeton Mantel and Custom Stonework with Sierra Mountain Ledge (We Also Hung The T.V.-We Do It All)
LOPI Northfield Cast Iron Gas Stove with Oxford Brown Porcelain Enamel (Also comes in New Iron Paint Finish, Hand-Rubbed Carbon Black Patina and Black Porcelain)
FPX 864 High Output with French Country Face, Granite, Mantel and Custom Bookshelves
FPX Gas Fireplace 564 Diamond-Fyre Gas Fireplace
FPX 34 DVL Gas Insert with Custom Mantel and Valley Forge Ledge Quartz Stonework
Real Fyre Gas Logs with Remote
Custom G;ass Doors by Stoll and Black Absolute Granite with Custom Built Mantel
FPX Xtreme Gas Fireplace-5 Feet Wide by 20 Inches Tall (We also have smaller versions)
FPX 864 TRV Gas Fireplace with Uba Tuba Granite and Pearl Mantel and French Country Face
FPX 864 High Output Gas Fireplace with Artisan Bronze Patina Face and Manzanita Cliffstone Stonework and Custom Built Mantel
FPX 36 Elite Wood Burning Fireplace with Willow Shadowrock and Charcoal Artisan Face
Inside- FPX 44 Elite Wood Burning Fireplace with Barn Beam and River George Country Rubble Stone
Outside-River George Country Rubble Stone
Real Fyre Vent Free Gas Logs with Granite and Premier Classic Mantel
Montigo Peninsula Gas Fireplace with Granite
FPX Gas Fireplace with Bronze Patina Artisan Face, Custom Stonework and Mantel
FPX Gas Insert with Granite and Artisan Double Door
FPX Gas Insert with Granite and Mantel
LOPI Berkshire Cast Iron Gas Stove in Oxford Brown Porcelain Enamel Finish and Custom Stonework with Meseta Fieldledge Stone
Manahans' Inefficient Fireplace Before
Manahan's Fireplace After-FPX 44 Elite Wood Burning Fireplace with Artisan Charcoal Face and Artisan Double Doors, Barn Beam Mantel and Autumn Leaf Roughcut Stonework (We also hung the T.V.-We Do It All)
FPX 564 Gas Fireplace with Custom Stonework with Stonecraft Warm Springs Heritage Stone and Pearl Auburn Mantel
Traditional Hearth Gas Insert: Model FPX 616 GSR2 with Bronze Shadowbox Face
Sommer's Inneficient Masonry Wood Burning Fireplace Before Picture with Brass Doors
Sommer's FPX 616 Gas Fireplace Insert After Picture with Universal Face(Convert your inefficient masonry fireplace to an efficient heat source today!)
The Embers Restaurant and Lounge located at 100 Memory Lane in York, PA has a new see thru FPX 864Fireplace with custom stonework
Before and After pictures. New 41" Electric Fireplace with Black Arch Face. Custom stonework with Eldorado Olive Grove Bluffstone
Cooking Demos and Free Tastings on the Black Olive Grill-Every Saturday (weather permitting) May thru August. Also, stop by to see the new "smokeless" wood burning fire pit (inserts available as well).
The Ream's New Fireplace with Updated Surround
Crawford's Before Picture
Crawford's After Picture-Gas Insert with Custom Stonework and Mantel.
Oppedisano Job Before Picture
Oppedisano Job After Picture. New 864 TRV Clean Face Gas Fireplace with Barn Beam Mantel, Charleston Mountain Ledge Stone and T.V. Mount
Shanberger's Outdoor Kitchen with Fire Magic Grill, Burner, Doors and Drawers
Bucholtz Job Before Picture-Old Fireplace with Brass
Bucholtz Job After Picture-New Fireplace with Granite. 864 TRV Clean Face Fireplace. Update the look of your fireplace today!
Sturtz Outdoor Kitchen with Fire Magic Grill, Refrigerator, Doors and Drawers, Granite and Stonework.
Add some spark to that boring corner in your home. Light it up with this FPX 564 HO Gas Fireplace with Ember Fyre Burner, Custom Stonework with Durango Mt. Ledge Stone. Barn Beam Mantel and Bronze Patina Ironworks Face
34 DVL FPX Gas Inserts. Convert your existing non efficient wood burning fireplace into an efficient gas burning unit with a Gas Insert. Tired of the traditional log look? Change the look of your fireplace by adding a Stone-Fyre Rock Kit as seen above.
Tree of Life Gas Stove in Majolica Brown Enamel. This stove has a heating capacity of 500-1,500 sq. ft. Its design was inspired by the Gothic arches of cathedrals in Europe and features the award winning Ember-Fyre burner.
3615 Gas Fireplace with black enamel fireback, bronze crushed glass, golden oak ledge are stone and champagne metal mantel
FPX 564 SS with Ironworks Bronza Patina face, custom stone work, shelves and mantel
FPX 6015HO Linear Gas Fireplace with Black Enamel Fireback and Platinum Glass and Granite Surround with 87" Custom Metal Mantel
21 TRV Gas Fireplace with beehive brick and classic black arch face with Travertine Granite and Custom Mantel. This fireplace is also known as the Bed and Breakfast. It small enough to fit almost anywhere and looks great in a corner.
564 SS Gas Fireplace with handmade brick and charcoal Artisan face. This fireplace has Black Absolute granite around it with a custom Arlington mantel in Maple wood with Fruitwood finish.
616 Gas Insert with black Metro face, logs and brick fireback, Black Absolute granite and Arlington Mantel.
Firebox installed with vent free gas logs, custom built cabinets, shelves and granite
564 HO Gas Fireplace with Stone and Custom built Mantel
34 DVL Gas Insert with Ember Fyre Burner, Handmade Brick Fireback, Times Square Face and Panel with Slate Hearth. Convert your old inefficient wood burning fireplace into something you will use and save money with!!
Electric insert
FPX 616 Gas Insert with Black Metro Face, Custom Mt. Ledge Stone and Barn Beam Mantel
Custom Stone-Yukon Mt. Ledge with Custom book shelves and mantel
41" Gallery Electric Fireplace with Louvered Face, Sequoia Rustic Ledge Stone, and custom built mantel shelf.
FPX 564 HO with Basic Grills, Common Brick, and Emberfyre Burner with Logs. Lexington Mtn. Ledge Stone and Celeste Espresso Finish Mantel
Outdoor Kitchen with built in grill, refrigerator and accessories with granite countertop
Before and After pictures. FPX 44 Elite Woodburning Fireplace, Black Arched Face and Doors. with River Gorge Country Rubble Stone.
Before and after pictures. Same fireplace/New Look. Casa Blanca rough cut stone with Pearl Mantel shelf with Driftwood stain.
Vent Free Fireplace with Mantel Cabinet. This unit can go anywhere in your home that you desire a fireplace.
Before picture of a Greenfield Gas Stove in Oxford Brown Enamel
After picture of Greenfield Gas Stove in Oxford Brown Enamel with new granite , mantel and custom built bookshelves
Gas Fireplace with custom stonework and mantel
564 HO Gas Fireplace with Common Brick Fire Back and Black Metro Face. Olde Detroit Thiin Brick with Centennial Mantel and Custom Bookshelves .
42" Craftsman Wood burning fireplace with doors. Autumn Leaf Roughcut stone and Auburn Mantel Shelf with TV mount..
Time to move the couch and give this room a new look. 564 HO gas fireplace with basic louvers and black enamel fireback with Durango Mtn. Ledge stone, Timberwood mantel shelf, custom bookshelves and TV mount.
Contemporary glass burner with custom stonework,, granite hearth and mantel with TV hung above
FPX 564 HO gas fireplace with bronze Artisan face, custom stacked stone and dune distressed mantel.
Check out the NEW 4237 Clean Face Direct Vent Gas Fireplace from FPX.. Shown here with soapstone surround and authentic barn beam mantel. This fireplace will not disappoint!
Stone wall in Autumn Leaf Roughcut
Click on the photo to see it in full view! Beautiful gas fireplace with clean face, wood mantel in black and Pennsylvania Laurel Cavern Stone.
Custom glass door with G52 burner and gas logs, barn beam and Brandywine Ledgestone with Appalachian Gray hearthstones. Bar area has a new look with Stone and Granite.
FPX 864 HO with Bronze Artisan Face with Autumn Leaf Roughcut Stone, Auburn Mantel and Custom Built Bookshelves
864HO Gas Fireplace with Bronze Artisan Face and Handmade Brick , Mantel and Autumn Leaf Roughcut Stone
Outdoor wood burning fireplace with doors and concrete barn beam and Autumn Leaf Roughcut stone.
Before and After pictures of FPX 864 Clean Face gas fireplace with Stucco Fireback, Barn Beam, and Asher Laurel Cavern Stone
Another picture of the corner gas fireplace because I downloaded it twice and couldn't figure out how to delete the extra one-lol!
FPX 564 Clean Face gas fireplace with Stucco Fireback
Before and After of a reface and fireplace job. New FPX 32 DVS Gas Insert with black enamel fireback and black metro face. The look was finished off with Ashland Tundra Brick and a Windsor style mantel-just what the customer ordered!
FPX Gas Insert with contemporary Diamond-Fyre burner and black painted Shadowbox face
FPX Gas Fireplace with Ironworks Face including optional Lodge Ring Handle. The Ironworks face is hand crafted by in-house blacksmiths through a labor intensive forging process. Stacked Laurel Cavern Stone and custom built mantel.
Befpre and after pictures of this happy customers fireplace. FPX 564 HO gas fireplace with Emberfyre Burner with Logs, Stucco Fireback, and Timberline Burnished Patina Face. Finished with Tennessee Laurel Cavern Stone and an authentic Barn Beam Mantel.
Before and After of this beautiful transformation. FPX 864 Clean Face Gas Fireplace with barn beam, Charleston Mt. Ledge stacked stone and custm painted bookshelves with stained base tops.
Check out this transformation! Custom glass door with Aspire Rust finish, concrete barn beam in natural wood silver and custom stonework in Asher Laurel Cavern.
Outdoor grill and fridg. with Autumn Leaf Roughcut Stone.
Custom stonework wiith cabinets built and mantel shelf to match. T.V. hung above and on the opposite side of the room a custom build bookshelf area with wine rack
Old gas fireplace replaced with a new FPX model with custom stonework to the ceiling and mantel shelf
This wall speaks for itself. A blank wall transformed with a gas fireplace, custom stonework, mantel shelf, T.V. hung above and custom built white cabinets with stained tops
Custom fireplace doors put on with custom stonework and mantel shelf with custom white cabinets. On the other side of the room is an entertainment bar area with stone to match the fireplace
Before and After pictures speak for themselves....gas fireplace with stone to the ceiling, mantel, T.V. hung above with build in component box
Corner gas fireplace unit with stone and mantel
Gas fireplace converted to wood burning with stone wall and mantel
Gas fireplace with mantel, stone, T.v. and cabinets built to match
Wood burning fireplace built with stone to the wall and mantel shelf
Custom stonework with cabinets built and a mantel shelf to match wit t.V. hung above. On the opposite wall custom book shelves with wine rack built to match
Old fireplace with brass doors converted with a Kozy gas insert and old venting spaces covered with brick
FPX gas fireplace with mantel and stone to the ceiling
Kozy Slayton 42 linear gas fireplace with drywall and T.V. recessed in the wall
Electric fireplace with stonework, beam, with floating shelves and T.V. hung above
Kozy gas fireplace with Tennessee Laurel Cavern stone, Shenandoah mantel, component box built in and T.V. hung above
FPX gas fireplace with stone, mantel, and T.V. hanging above
Kozy gas insert
Regency contemporary gas fireplace
Solas wall hanging vent free fireplace
Solas wall hanging vent free fireplace
iis your home missing that warm and cozy feeling? We have the ansewer! FPX cleanface gas fireplace with raised hearth custom Charleston Mt. Ledge, stonework and shiplap 18 ft. high.
You think it=We build it *With hidden shelves on the side for component boxes
stone with gas fireplace and magra hearth mantel
gas stove in new iron finish
electric fireplace
gas fireplace with custom stonework and mantel
gas linear fireplace with realstone, accent lights, and floating shelves
linear gas fireplace with realstone
custom bar iron glass doors
before and after-gas fireplace with custom stonework and barn beam
wood insert with custom stonework
Kozy gas fireplace with custom stonework
864 Clean Face gas fireplace with Tundra Brick, concrete mantel, and a Samsung Frame TV
Dimplex electric unit with birch logs, barn beam mantel, shiplap, and slate hearth
FPX gas insert with custom stone work
Lopi gas stove, basic venting, and brick hearth pad
Custom Job with custom stone work, Kozy Heat gas insert, and a custom 12 ft. barn beam

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