unique features of Big brand watches

All that valuable, and brands of watches, there are many uniquefeatures, which also include the structure of the watch strap, the strapon the interception, you need to know and observe carefully, can besuccessfully removed, and adjust the number of straps.
Most common watch strap, you can release the strap section is studs(also including casing) or the screw connections, is desirable. Whilesome strap trouble and ring form will appear, that is, a ring set ring,one section, which belongs to the embedded type. Often this type ofstrap there is only one exit down from this position after strap Stud,the remaining section is a little bit of pulling excess strap, betweentheir section with a section, usually with a connecting shaft (axle) orconnecting blocks, straps can not see outside, have to remove strapbolted it. RADO ceramic watch strap is the same type as a whole shouldsay during removal and installation effort, sometimes leading todisputes, recently I stopped a Cartier watch strap for my friends, andfound that its structure is like this. A Cartier Watch is called Ladona de Cartier series, which doesn’t look round radius of the casedoes not, somewhat unequal sides, which each cross section there are 2holes strap, connecting rail through this connecting is a paragraph, andlength are all linked. (See photos) difficult is by loaded Shi of control Shang, which a paragraph even standards, into bit on not easy, operation in the also special easy again sliding prolapse to, I of experience is need with Scotch tape with, put stay connection of strap section all dip into one, cannot again let they loose, each paragraph convergence of even standards Zhijian, are smear stick heavy of butter, to dip live they, only such to effective control, installation only will smoothly.
Cartier Calibre Watch
The rest is between them and a small casing, casing above the GrooveStud through the casing, and studs on the Groove of the concave and thecasing above must be accurate if stud in future wear the watch, topromise not to string out. Small tube in strap discount ends, theproblem is when it is placed in, Marina Marina swings, bad manipulation,how to make Stud smoothly through it? At this time, still need to skewerwhich diameter for mentioned above, a little deeper you can give it torighting, then put the studs on the opposite strap itself slowly into.So much trouble on installing, note the watch strap is not taken into account in the design of the place.
Finally, bolt strap loop, connect, you also need to use a diametersuitable for the skewer, to strap on a stick for the time being, don’tloose. Hurriedly at the other end of the strap itself stud to put onthis table with a clear sense of bracelets, thick, but poor control andobservation.
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Cartier crash watches how?

Haute Horlogerie in Geneva show, legendary reproduction Cartier Cartier Watch, four more luxury brand new limited edition watch crash turned out, leads us back to 1960 ‘s and 70 ‘s fearless old romantic style, become the focus of world.

replica cartier watches

Cartier watches this crash watch continues a twisted exaggeration of the new designlines and smooth and natural, but the matching metal bracelet for the first time ever, rather than the leather strap. By k k gold or rose gold white teardrop-shaped bracelet of sparkling unparalleled shows urban women independent smart yet refined personality. One of the more glaring on the table, the whole shop chain set sparklingdiamonds, just like a Halo around the wrist, exquisite, not parties.

Cartier blue balloon couple table recommendations, Cartier full of fairy tale love

 Smooth lines, bright orange color, Cartier Watches always have one unexpectedideas. Every time I see a Cartier Watch, also always have a fairy tale-likefeeling. Summer is a season of love, is about to usher in the Chinese Valentine’s day sweet, small share Cartier blue balloon with couples coupletable, Cartier full of romantic fairy tale of love on the radio.

Hold your hands and grow old with you. Love isn’t great, harmonious, quietoperation, and the feelings of long-term change. Sometimes, in the simple days of exchanging gifts, travel or go somewhere … … For the same daysTim add some childlike love.
Just like the Cartier blue balloon couple table, disdained the formaldesign, moved past the side of the Crown throne, crowded into the threeo’clock position of the dial, for boring large dial to add a little energy.Playful feel so full of love, little table of Cartier blue balloon seriesshare two lovers, lovers of romance is as light as a balloon, and as theguardian of sapphire blue.
cartier watches
Watch reviews: the R Cartier blue balloon, as always, to enlarge the Romanhour markers, generous, under the influence of the Crown, which deviated from the General circular orbit, special design makes us feel the time itrenders its shape tastes. However, this design does not representrelationship twist, instead of making people feel love some little tastemore sweet and lovely.
replica cartier watches
Watch reviews: time, Replica Cartier blue balloon of wind but never out of date, hasa strong watchmaking accomplished Cartier was still in the form of refinedproclaimed to the world. And when the Cartier blue balloon boy W6900456 inconjunction with female W6900256, smooth lines, precise time can often belovers to spend every second of memory in mind. Coupled with the Rose GoldCrown and case back, glowing gold more love Voltron.

Cartier watches-led special

Watch beauty of design details that we ignore brand, just look at thissophisticated design: blued steel hands, jewelencrusted protruding windingCrown, Roman numerals and the railway scale ring, form the outer edge of thecasing end of lugs. Point is this is the 1919 watches.
Here, innovation, sparing use of precious materials and adhere to the handmade almost watch competition an open secret in the industry. Rolex brand inSwitzerland, is a case in point. Last year, despite the industry 6 minutesevaluation, but sharp watches reviews publications say it lacks creativity,conservative. However, the reality is far from the romantic literati‘s, as aproducing hundreds of thousands of watches of famous brands, in the guise ofwatch design can’t do our daily new. And touch in the design, those patronsonly classic beauty may not be buying. In watch design, are used or new,must be just right, draw on the plan table, and manufactured goods is not aconcept that must be thousand thoughts into account to play hardball.
In table decorations Or table decorations
Watch design has begun fighting back more than 100 years ago after clockcompete is of course the watchmaker of choice. Pocket watches although ahigher penetration rate, but for Designer watches, pocket watches are nottheir talent, exhaust one’s abilities. Because Pocket Watch is to see foryourself, watch is not, not only to ourselves, but also to people like thejewelry, so watch design, very seriously. In French, watches were originallycalled MONTRE-BRACELET, which means jewelry table or with timer function ofwrist ornaments combination of the two. Then people ideologically rigidconservative few dare to do special thing, and just watch if acceptable,100 years ago there was a small problem.
cartier watches

Cartier Tank: interesting trend and classic smart women

If a Tank Watch analogy a provoking sexual beauty, the dial is her face,delicate yet wisdom and strap her finery, and sometimes mysterious luxury andnimble and charming.

2012, Tank series newborn Tank Anglaise wrist table will table Crown hiding Yu hollow vertical table ear within, its fine shy “air” called people long linger; 2013 early, Cartier Tank series wrist table again continued legend, again interpretation its most with logo sex of two paragraph masterpiece, to rare gem of Guanghua rendering match k gold bracelet of Tank Am é ricaine wrist table and match leather strap of Tank Anglaise wrist table, in on strap of enjoy pondering between, One can’t help but sigh: Tank never stops!

Born in 1917, Cartier Tank Watch, Cartier family‘s third generationluyi·kadiya (Louis Cartier) personal creations, inspired by military tanksof the battlefield for the first time during the first world war. As first gold will table shell and table ear perfect thaw for one of wrist table, Tank series once came out will to avant-garde pioneer of styling breakthrough has round wrist table of ruled, opened has square wrist table of era; and like tank track like of vertical table ear, and Rome digital Shi standard, and minutes rail, and blue steel pointer, design elements, also to unique beauty became Tank wrist table of classic logo.
Over the past century, evolving innovation Tank Watch family, has launcheddozens of styles. The match k gold watchTank Am é ricaine watch is theclassic luxury of interpretation the Tank family, ricaine Tank Am é watch isa family of force, its birth in 1989, followed the early 1920 ‘s design ofTank Cintr é e what‘s the inspiration, the sharp and soft, straight andcurved, rounded edges and ponder in the wrist.
New Tank Am é ricaine watch strap with snake-like chain design, rose gold orwhite gold bracelet and smooth as satin fit wrists, and Diamond watches aremore generous and luxurious quality. Sexy and smart design also gives thiselegant Tank Am é ricaine watches with magic charm, and yet femininequalities.
Tank Anglaise watch Tank as the youngest members of the family, paired withbright colored alligator leather strap women‘s delicate and dynamic, whilePu diamond case highlights the female‘s delicate and soft.