Cartier Tank: interesting trend and classic smart women

If a Tank Watch analogy a provoking sexual beauty, the dial is her face,delicate yet wisdom and strap her finery, and sometimes mysterious luxury andnimble and charming.

2012, Tank series newborn Tank Anglaise wrist table will table Crown hiding Yu hollow vertical table ear within, its fine shy “air” called people long linger; 2013 early, Cartier Tank series wrist table again continued legend, again interpretation its most with logo sex of two paragraph masterpiece, to rare gem of Guanghua rendering match k gold bracelet of Tank Am é ricaine wrist table and match leather strap of Tank Anglaise wrist table, in on strap of enjoy pondering between, One can’t help but sigh: Tank never stops!

Born in 1917, Cartier Tank Watch, Cartier family‘s third generationluyi·kadiya (Louis Cartier) personal creations, inspired by military tanksof the battlefield for the first time during the first world war. As first gold will table shell and table ear perfect thaw for one of wrist table, Tank series once came out will to avant-garde pioneer of styling breakthrough has round wrist table of ruled, opened has square wrist table of era; and like tank track like of vertical table ear, and Rome digital Shi standard, and minutes rail, and blue steel pointer, design elements, also to unique beauty became Tank wrist table of classic logo.
Over the past century, evolving innovation Tank Watch family, has launcheddozens of styles. The match k gold watchTank Am é ricaine watch is theclassic luxury of interpretation the Tank family, ricaine Tank Am é watch isa family of force, its birth in 1989, followed the early 1920 ‘s design ofTank Cintr é e what‘s the inspiration, the sharp and soft, straight andcurved, rounded edges and ponder in the wrist.
New Tank Am é ricaine watch strap with snake-like chain design, rose gold orwhite gold bracelet and smooth as satin fit wrists, and Diamond watches aremore generous and luxurious quality. Sexy and smart design also gives thiselegant Tank Am é ricaine watches with magic charm, and yet femininequalities.
Tank Anglaise watch Tank as the youngest members of the family, paired withbright colored alligator leather strap women‘s delicate and dynamic, whilePu diamond case highlights the female‘s delicate and soft.

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